Why "Vintage" ?

 What Does ‘Vintage’ Actually Mean?
“Vintage” and “antique” refer to pre-owned items (in this case, jewelry) dating back to certain time periods. Vintage is any older piece up to one hundred years old — after this point, it is considered an antique piece. The minimum age for vintage jewelry does vary a bit in the industry; some auction houses won’t list anything as vintage if it is newer than fifty years old, though others like Etsy define vintage as anything older than twenty years.
Why Buy Vintage?
It’s unique
Its [sic] only in the last few decades that jewelry came to be mass produced. Before then, all jewelry was made by hand one piece at a time, each one a meticulous work of art. When you buy a vintage or antique piece you can be sure that it will be unique to you and you alone. 
It’s environmentally conscious
If there’s one major new marketing trend that we’ve seen in the last few years, it’s an emphasis on environmental impact and sustainability. New generations are demanding products sourced and crafted with a compassionate attitude towards the land and the people in it.
It holds its value
While modern, mass-produced jewelry tends to lose its resale value over time, vintage jewelry has already completed its resale curve and will most likely keep the same value you paid for it (and maybe even increase!). This is especially true for quality brands that have since gone out of business and are fetching higher and higher prices among collectors, or materials that have fallen out of use due to supply issues or the introduction of new alternatives.
Unbeatable quality
This circles back to what we said about individuality and the rise of mass-produced work. Early and mid-century jewelers were true artisans and made sure every single piece was as well-crafted as could be. Furthermore, if you’re buying a one hundred year old piece in good condition, you know that it’s  survived that long and will probably survive at least one hundred more. Vintage jewelry has an endurance and a human touch that we don’t often see in contemporary counterparts. 
Personal satisfaction
Finding that perfect one-of-a-kind piece that’s just right for you offers a thrill unmatched by pretty much any other shopping adventure. Not only does it give you a feeling that you “earned” the piece of jewelry you found, it gives you a strong positive feeling and a good memory to look back on every time you wear it. 
Vintage: Always in Style
Navigating vintage jewelry can be tricky and a bit overwhelming, but it can also be exciting and incredibly satisfying as well. When buying vintage, you’re joining a long lineage of stories and becoming a part of history. You’re displaying your unique personal style . . .
We would like to thank loveandlavender.com for the above excerpts from their Love and Lavender Blog dated July 20, 2021.



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